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Return to Light (Week 8)

October 23, 2018

I've spoken at length in the past about the beautiful lighting that you can find in wrestling. Some of my favorite pictures are from wrestling promos, such as this one:



But I felt that this week I would focus on the stranger lighting that you can find behind the scenes. This kind of lighting is often not as angled but more spur of the moment. However, the pictures are still powerful.



Many backstage pictures highlight how real the world of wrestling is just by capturing how tired the wrestlers are after they've finished.


The reason I've chosen to focus on this one particular wrestler for this week is because this wrestler is a workhorse among performers. It's hard to find a bad picture of him because he doesn't often make himself look bad.




Black and white photos are common place among backstage photos in wrestling. It's a way to hide bad lighting and fatigue while giving focus to highlights and the overall emotion of the setting. Each one is meant to feel powerful and important.


Wrestling is a hard job to have. We often overlook how hard these people work to entertain and how much they sacrifice. These photos not only highlight some of the unseen sides of wrestling but also highlight one of the best workers in the business.


Since this is my blog, and my platform to do so, this is my place to say Thank You Roman. Now go kick cancer's ass and come back for that title when you're done.




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December 30, 2019

March 15, 2019

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