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Return to Light (Week 2)

September 10, 2018

This summer, my family and I took a trip to Virginia Beach for the first time. Being on the beach means that the horizon is always clear, so you can watch the sun either rise or set depending which ocean you're facing.


So, being my impulsive-self, I decided I was going to wake up at five o'clock in the morning to run after the sun.


Yeah, it's good to mention that any idea I have after traveling for 9 hours is usually a dumb sounding one. But this one had some cool results!



The first morning, I ran twelve blocks down the boardwalk. And wouldn't you know it, it had been raining about an hour prior. Instead of a beautiful sunrise, I caught the lavender hue of a rainy morning.



The second morning, I ran fifteen blocks, met a dog who was overly protective of his ball, and found the first ice cream store on the boardwalk. And still, it was a cloudy morning. 


The second time, however, the sky was a mix of purples and golds. Because the sunrise was able to peak through the clouds, this morning turned out to be more beautiful than the first.


The third morning, I decided not to run and chase the sun. So I found a seat on the beach and waited.


It was worth the wait.



The sunrise is natures most majestic piece of art. There are no words to describe how beautiful it is to watch in real life and how fulfilling it is to have that memory. Not even my picture can give it justice.


My last morning in Virginia Beach was nothing but rain and gloom. If you're in Pittsburgh, you know exactly what that looks like, so it didn't warrant a picture.


Three mornings. Three sunrises. Three beautiful skies to see with their own colors and surprises.


But also three blisters. Worth it!

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December 30, 2019

March 15, 2019

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