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The Art In Lighting (Week 10)

March 27, 2018

Podcasts are the ultimate revival of a dying medium in that it is a revamping of radio and subsequently radio shows. And with this revival comes a new form of theatrics that haven't been a mainstay of popular entertainment: Live Shows.


I've mentioned Welcome to Night Vale before and how the creators of the podcast have created a book series to accompany the show itself, but they have also created a wonderful stream of live performances for fans to go and interact with.



The Welcome to Night Vale shows are vastly different from a regular theatrical performance because the actors are breaking the biggest rule of the stage ("don't bring your script")  at all times. Audience members get to watch how performers usually record the stories and how they interact with the other actors. It's a unique combination of a performance and a behind-the-scenes look.



Lighting this performance is simpler than lighting a regular show. The stage has to be lit enough so that any band performers can read their music but also keep the focus on where the actors are. Getting in depth with lighting would mean that you could use spotlights to change focus on which actor is speaking.


Live shows have a unique style to each performance and they can be messed. Welcome to Night Vale brings so much of its own uniqueness to their story anyways that you could do virtually whatever you wanted with the live performances. 


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December 30, 2019

March 15, 2019

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