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The Art In Lighting (Week 7)

March 6, 2018

New York is a beautiful city. It has been designed and structured so everyone can find something dazzling to look at. This past weekend I got to visit this beautiful city and I found quite a few things to stare at.


So this week, I'm going to present the pictures that show the most contrast, color scheming, and focus from my trip. Enjoy!


Times Square: Thanks to the giant billboards and cars that are on the street all hours of the day, there is no need for street lights. Plus, the focus is bounced around from board to board with pictures dimming and lighting between transitions.


The Empire State Building: Luckily for me, the ESB stands alone in front of Times Square to make for a great solo shot. And blue is such a nice color in February.


The Disney Store: This was probably the coolest lighting fixture I found in NYC, and it was magical. Plus, it added to the stores overall warmth and comfort.


Bonus contrasting picture to show the brightness of Times Square:


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December 30, 2019

March 15, 2019

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