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The Art in Lighting (Week 6)

February 20, 2018

Okay everyone, Spring break is fast approaching and projects have eaten my brain alive. So this week, rather than go into depth about some wonderful lighting tricks, I'm going to leave you all with some amazing shots of my three favorite shows. Enjoy! 


 (Wicked, AKA the show my mom and I love)


 (The Drowsy Chaperone, AKA the show I remember by heart after a full five years since being in it. It would only be a bad thing if I didn't like the show.)


(Pippin, AKA my guilty pleasure [along with Urinetown, but this set is cooler])


 (Love Never Dies; AKA the show you should never waste your money on. I'm showing you the best part of the show because the set is the only part that doesn't fill you with immediate disappointment in your life choices. Don't see this show, just look at the arch and see something else.)



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December 30, 2019

March 15, 2019

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