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The Art in Lighting (Week 5)

February 13, 2018

Shadow puppets are something kids do, right? Absolutely nothing extravagant or professional about them, right? Well...



Welcome to the world of Wayang Kulit, the Indonesian art form of shadow puppetry. 


Much like Japan's Bunraku theater (which is actual puppets), Wayang Kulit is extremely difficult to learn and amazing to watch.



Unlike regular theater or Bunraku, the amazing details of the puppets are not in colors and textures but in the fine details cut out of each puppet, like so:



Lighting designers can do a lot with these intricate puppets thanks to the tiny details that make them up. And even with the simplest  of lighting, you can make the puppets look good because they already look good.


It takes a lot of work to make Wayang Kulit puppets, a lot more to work them, but not a lot to shine a light on their excellence.


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December 30, 2019

March 15, 2019

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