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The Art in Lighting (Week 1)

January 15, 2018



Today marks the beginning a weekly blog where I go over lighting styles and tricks found in pop culture. To do this I'll introduce a photo or two and explain how the lighting effects the mood and the set/actor present. So, let's begin.


This week I decided to show the evolution of the entrance of WWE wrestler Bray Wyatt from one of his earlier showings to his entrance at WrestleMania 33.


When Wyatt first walked down to the ring, his entrance had a lack of lighting that showed to fans like this:

Wyatt and his group members would walk to the ring in complete darkness with only an electronic lantern to light any sort of path. It was an interesting entrance in that it was the only one that there was absolutely no light for except for the lantern. The WWE wanted to show Wyatt as a spooky wrestler who didn't need a colorful entrance to announce himself.


Here's what that entrance looked like at last year's event:

Bray Wyatt's entrance evolved into a fan interactive entrance, with fans using phones, flashlights, and even lighters to provide lighting for the entrance. Wyatt is now the holder of one of the best entrances in wrestling. The fans provide the lighting based on favoritism and aesthetic.


Bray Wyatt was my first choice for this week because of his unique lighting. Wrestling is after all a place where you can see anything, so why not start with the fan lighting guy?

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